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Opinion from the Editor

America is faced with many challenges.  One of the most important challenges is to vote this election.  Vote early or on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

This publication in endorsing the following individuals for public office in the San Diego Area.

1. Todd Gloria for the Mayor of San Diego.  Mr. Gloria once served San Diego as Acting Mayor through a crisis and under his leadership, the City prospered.  Mr. Gloria will work with all communities in order to improve the quality of life in San Diego and help recover this city’s economy and lifestyle while we face the challenges of COVID-19.

2.  Mara Elliot for San Diego City Attorney.  Mrs. Elliot has shown through her professionalism and transparency that the San Diego City Attorney’s Office is in good hands.  Let’s continue to support her efforts for San Diego.

3. Toni Atkins for the California State Senate of the 39th District.

Ms. Atkins is a highly respected leader in the California State Senate.  Under her leadership, this state has prospered.

4. Juan Vargas for the 51st Congressional District. Mr. Vargas has served this vast district well and he is a man of the people that develops progressive ideas when it comes to job creation and affordable healthcare. He is a highly respected voice in Congress, representing the People of San Diego.

5. Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne for San Diego Unified School Board District E.  Dr. Whitehurst-Payne is a proven and committed leader.  She has devoted herself to finding the necessary resources to keep the students, teachers, and staff safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  She also finds the time to help with the food distribution drives in order that some of the deserving children and their families may have food during this crisis. Dr. Whitehurst-Payne is proven leader.

6. Richard Barrera for San Diego Unified School Board District D. Mr. Barrera is a School Board Trustee that fights to get the necessary resources for the San Diego Unified School District that would allow the students, teachers and staff to return to in-person learning in a wholesome and safe environment.

7. Sara Jacobs for US Congress, 53rd District.  Ms. Jacobs is committed to serving the people of this district.  She has the experience on a national level, to hit the ground running once elected.

8. Ammar Campa-Najjar for US Congress, 50th District.  Mr. Campa-Najjar is a young, energetic leader that has integrity and a desire to work with all of the citizens of the 50th District.  At this time, the 50th District needs a leader that cares more about the people, than a political party.

9. Antonio Martinez for San Ysidro School Board. Mr. Martinez is a proven and committed education leader, working on behalf of the students, teachers, parents and community of San Ysidro.


Los Angeles Area Endorsements

A. Karen Bass for the 37th Congressional District. Congresswoman Karen Bass is a strong leader with integrity and prides herself on her honesty.  She is a true leader.

B. Maxine Waters for 43rd Congressional District.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a strong and proven leader and a fighter for the well-being of her district and the people of America.

C. Herb Wesson Jr. for the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors - District 2 Herb Wesson Jr. is a proven leader that has a positive history for his leadership in representing the people of his district and the State of California.

D. Mark Ridley-Thomas for Los Angeles City Council—District 10.  Mark Ridley-Thomas will be a strong and compassionate leader on the Los Angeles City Council.

E. Angie English for Hawthorne City Council.  Mrs. English will serve with distinction, and use her experience to help make Hawthorne a better place to work and live.

F. Robert Pullen Miles for Mayor of the City of Lawndale. Mr. Pullen Miles has an excellent history of service to the People of Lawndale, California.  Mr. Pullen Miles will serve with pride and integrity.

G. Tunua Thrash N’Nuk for Long Beach City Council—8th District.  Mrs. Thrash N’Nuk is considered by most to be a bright and shining leader that has an agenda for the betterment of the people of Long Beach.

H. Kevin DeLeon for Los Angeles City Council.  When elected he will bring transparency, professionalism and is committed to working hard on behalf of his constituents and the People of Los Angeles with a high level of honesty.

I. Nanette Barragan for the 44th Congressional District. Congresswoman Barragan has worked diligently on behalf of the people of Carson, Compton, Florence-Firestone, Lynwood, North Long Beach, Rancho Dominguez, San Pedro, South Gate, Walnut Park, Watts, Willowbrook and Wilmington.

J. Katie Porter for the 45th Congressional District. Congresswoman Porter proudly serves with dignity and integrity the people of Irvine, Tustin, North Tustin, Villa Park, Orange, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, and Rancho Santa Margarita, as well as parts of Anaheim, Laguna Woods, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Niguel.

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