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Mariea Antoinette International Recording Star

The Instrument of the Gods...



Beautiful, Brilliant & Brave  This is the story of how a young beautiful woman from San Diego who took the tranquil sound of the harp and transcended it into one of the hottest smooth jazz , funk, R& B instruments in the world. Now , don't get it twisted or be misled by the storyline, to make seem as

though everyone and any harpist can groove like Mariea Antoinette. She is a one -of -a kind star doing a one of-a-kind-thang. Phenomenal feats musical merriment on a harp performed by a skilled and seductive artist with the bravery to burn a path for herself and her craft. Who knew that she would transcend the harp into a funky and sexy instrument in the process ? She loved playing beautiful classical music that the harp is recognized for, but she decided to blaze the trail with the concept of her new project Straight From The Harp. She wanted to show people that the harp was not a quiet, dreamy, boring instrument. " I wanted wanted to take it to a new dimension, and play the music that I grew up with, so I sought Producer, Allan Phillips, to help me bring an exciting palette of rhythmic possibilities to the table says Antoinette. Straight from the Harp, a colorful mix of original jams and classic R&B covers featuring in the pocket grooves and sensual ambience behind Antoinette's alternately percussive and elegant string magic.


"Give me your Love" is a sultry, fresh re-imagining of the love song from Curtis  Mayfields iconic ' Super Fly" soundtrack.

Keeping her spirited lines melodic lines front and center, she creates a bold blend of old school with soul sensibilities, symphonic atmospheres and sizzling brass Once you indulge into this musical magnum opus project, you will agree that'  its extraordinary and her delivery is exceptional. In April of 2020 she released her third project " All My Strings' which is now No17 on the smooth jazz global charts and no.7 on the Indie charts. Again Ms. Antoinette does not disappoint and takes this project to another level.   

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Mariea Antoinette, and her story began as a young teen in love with the harp -an instrument with origins from Mother Africa. She gravitates to all things organic in life and in her musical evolution from classical arrangements to remakes of funk, blues, jazz and pop hits. Mariea recalls, I was exposed to the harp in middle school in a musical program. where the harpist  played Debussy's 'First Arabesque', it was stunning and the hair on my arm stood up, I knew then that's what I wanted to do and pushed as hard as I could to become a harpist. Her craft was perfected with years of private lessons and undergraduate work at UCSD and University of Arizona, Tucson. masters classes in harp performance. She became principal harpist at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles with the Southeast Symphony Orchestra in 2007. After a few years with classical music in an orchestral setting she decided to create music on the harp that she grew up with R&B, Soul and smooth jazz.


She called upon first producer the Musical Director/ producer Carl Evans Jr. of the Fattburger National jazz fusion band  to produce her first CD 'Sexy Paradise' . It was a game changer . Other accomplishments placed her squarely on the national stage, with historic figures and legendary artists. A milestone for me  was hearing my music for the first time on radio, and being asked for an interview on many radio stations across the country and UK for an hour with it reaching across the country and international. Unexpected moments to come was to play a major fundraiser for First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and B.E.T  Awards Show with Ne-Yo . Many more of these celebrity performances and appearing on R&B, and smooth jazz albums of A list musicians and music videos was to come.  Performing on the some of the biggest jazz festivals in the industry, Capitol Jazz festival, Seabreeze jazz festival, Playboy Jazz festival, Long Beach Jazz festival, Hollywood Bowl, Her most significant was playing in her hometown at The San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival with her 6 six piece string section and horns and backup singers, where she stole the entire festival to date she has produced three projects " Straight From The Harp' which received a Grammy node and the release 'All My Strings.' this year. The success of her projects and celebrity of her earlier projects are a indicator of the impression she is making in the world of music. We are proud to present this gift from the world of harp performance. You can follow her on , FB, Her music can be found on Apple music, Itunes, Spotify. website;

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