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Recent Rise in Drug Overdose Deaths

The Enemies of this nation have found a way to provide substances that contain poison that will lead to death when taken.


What You Can Do to Help Suicide Prevention

For a while I have known of people who have committed suicide and I feel for the families and friends that miss them so dearly.


Get more information on books of all genres


Rodney G. Hood, MD, FACP

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Disproportionate Death Rates for African Americans

In the early stages of this pandemic it appears that the African American communities are the hardest hit with disparate death rates compared to all other ethnic communities.


Biden Chooses School Equity Leader

Superintendent Cindy Marten for Department of Education

Curren D Price.jpg

A Dedicated Elected Leader That Serves His Community

Highlighting the Commitment of the Los Angeles City Councilmember, Curren D. Price, Jr.


The Right to Counsel When Charged with a Criminal Offense

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Lei-Chala I Wilson, Esq.

Law Offices of Lei-Chala I. Wilson, Chula Vista, CA (San Diego County)


“Hela Cell” Legacy

This article explores Henrietta Lacks, her HeLa Legacy, how her life affected the world and the debt society owes her including the unauthorized use of her cells which has improved and continues to improve modern day medicine.

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Leadership that Matters by By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

A lot of people call themselves leaders, and Lord knows we need leaders now. Politics should be making things happen for us now, but in fact, there are certain politicians who seem to be doing all they can to tear down what we have instead of building on what has been done to bring about a more perfect union.

Sheriff Tompkins.png

Sheriff Steven Tompkins

When we first heard of the successful efforts of Sheriff Steven Tompkins, the progressive leader of the Suffolk County, Massachusetts Sheriff’s Department, we felt compelled to share his story.

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Keeping our Latinx Families Safe During the COVID Crisis

As a San Diego Unified School Board member representing District D, I pay close attention to the way the COVID crisis is affecting our Latinx communities...

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12 Financial Tips to Consider During the Pandemic

With approximately 14 Million Americans out of work and thousands of businesses not likely to reopen, the covid19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it.  More importantly, the impact of the shut-down has left many families struggling financially.

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The Instruments of the Gods is SOUL FUNKY

Mariea Antoinette International Recording Star

Beautiful, Brilliant & Brave  This is the story of how a young beautiful woman from San Diego who took the tranquil sound of the harp and transcended it into one of the hottest smooth jazz , funk, R& B instruments in the world.

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Soulful and Captivating

Alex Harris' Music Knows No Bounds

Alex Harris is known as a Southern Soul/R&B singer as well as actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Alex cites Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Reverend Al Green, Pastor Shirley Caesar, and Otis Redding as his major musical influences.


Bobby Wilson, Mr. Entertainment

Introducing a tremendous entertainer, the son of a musical legend.  Very rarely do children of legends, have the ability, creativity and personal to share their own passion and honor to legacy of their famous loved ones.


Contributed by Dr. Willie Blair

Long before the Jackie Robinson West Little League Baseball team from Chicago was denied its championship award in 2014, a group of young black Little League players from Knoxville, Tennessee were similarly deprived of participating in the 1965 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

ParkerLighthouse night.jpg

The mystery eater has visited and eaten at all of the restaurants listed on this page so bon appetit.


Radio stations from around the country that present various points of view and music.


Getting to Know Mookie Betts, Major League Baseball’s

$362 Million Dollar Player

The Boston Red Sox ushered Mookie Betts into Major League Baseball.  From the time he spent in the Minor Leagues, there was a buzz about this player.  When he got the chance to play with the historic Boston Red Sox, his star shinned brightly. 


Mayoral Candidate Todd Gloria

For a complete listing of endorsements click here 

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Opinion by the Editor

America is faced with many challenges.  One of the most important challenges is to vote this election.  Vote early or on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.


California Schools on the Frontline of the Pandemic

I have taught and prepared future school leaders at several institutions of higher education here in California, and across the country. While I have taught specific courses in leadership, politics, human capital, and history, I don’t ever recall addressing the type of issue that school leaders are dealing with today: a worldwide health crisis that has shut down schools since mid-March with no clear end in sight.

The History of Women's Voting Rights in America

As the United States of America Constitution was formed, constructed and written, the majority of those who constructed it, White men, did not believe in comprehensive suffrage, i.e., White women and African Americans, included in the right to vote.

Sarah Collins Rudolph New Pic.png

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (1963)'s Lone Survivor and the Apology that Was Finally Offered By the Governor of the State Of Alabama 

Sarah Collins Rudolph is the lone survivor of the five little girls who were in the basement bathroom of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama...

Herb Wesson.png

Los Angeles County Supervisor

Candidate Herb Wesson

For a complete listing of endorsements click here.

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Congressional Candidate Maxine Waters

For a complete listing of endorsements click here

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